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We recently partnered with Imagine Pools™ to bring you professional quality fiberglass pools to your own backyard! With 10 different swimming pool designs, 3 spa designs, and 3 tanning bed options your backyard will quickly turn into a modern oasis.

Brief History of Fiberglass

Glass fibers have actually existed since the ancient Phoenicians and Egyptians. The fibers they made were very coarse, and thick; they were used mostly for decoration or jewelry. It wasn’t until 1870 when we had the first version of our modern fiberglass. It was created by John Player and was named ‘mineral wool,’ made mostly for insulation purposes. The first commercialized fiberglass was created by accident when Dale Kleist was trying to weld two pieces of glass together to form an airtight seal as a research project for Corning Glass. Unexpectedly, a compressed air pocket hit a stream of molten glass and created a shower of glass fibers. Later that year in 1935, Corning Glass joined with Owens-Illinois to form Owens-Corning company to patent the product ‘Fiberglas.’

Pool Applications

A fiberglass pool from Imagine Pools™ consists of 6 layers:

Vinyl Ester Layer – For corrosive resistance and sealing out ground water.

Woven Fiberglass layer – For more corrosive resistance and to add structure.

A special Centurion Core™ layer – For maximum structure and insulation.

A third Vinyl Ester Layer – For corrosive resistance from pool water.

Gelcoat Final layer – For smooth top surface and a beautiful finish.

The actual construction of the pool takes a little over a month. If you order a size and shape in stock then it will only take a couple weeks to ship. Once shipped to your house, the pool only takes a few weeks to be installed and ready to swim in. The streamlined process, and pre-constructed pool allows for ease of installation and low maintenance. After installation the pool will require less maintenance than a concrete or vinyl liner pool. The pool will be easier to clean, and it’s water chemistry will be more stable for longer periods of time. Overall, these pools will save you money, and bring a modern beauty to your backyard.

Here’s some more information on Imagine Pools™: https://imaginepools.com/

Here are some informational graphics on the installation of the pool and the colors they offer:

29th April 2020

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