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Lighting Up Your Backyard

Light can make your pool and backyard a whole new world at night. From actual lights in your pool to illumination in your landscaping, we can bring your yard to life!

Lighting Design

The idea of lighting for design and play comes from Shakespeare’s original plays in the Globe Theater. Shakespeare was the first to use light to illuminate a subject on stage. His purpose for this was to use light to emphasize or guide a story. Practices like side lighting, back lighting, and spot lights were all used to tell his stories better. Before his time, we only used light for practical reasons not for quality or enhancement.

It wasn’t until Richard Kelly developed the three fundamentals of lighting when we started seeing light as a design field like architecture. The three fundamentals were:

Ambient Luminescence: Provide general illumination to the object or space. This idea is mostly implemented so the human or occupant can travel through the area safely, and see all of the objects in the room.

Our Application: We would see these lights as patio lights, or pathway lights. They are meant to lead you to your pool, and through your backyard safely.

Night Firepit

Focal Glow: To highlight a specific part or feature of the object or space. Very similar to a spotlight in a play, where the actor is highlighted by a concentrated light while the rest of the area may be dark or lighted separately.

Our Application: In landscaping, focal glow can be used to highlight specific ornaments, vegetation, or structures within the landscape.

Landscaping In New Jersey

Lit Lace LeafAccent Lights







Play of Brilliance: To add life, ambiance, color, or movement to a specific object or space. In theater, a ‘Gobo’ would most liking be used as a play of brilliance. A ‘Gobo’ is a cover you put on a light so the light will project a shape, object, scene, or shadow instead of a flat light.

Our Application: Your pool can have color changing lights in it, or you can add lights to a laminar jet to get a colorful water stream. Lights can also be added underneath your waterfall so your pool water sparkles. There are plenty of ways to play with light to turn your pool into a playful, and enjoyable work of art.

Freeform Pool With Night Feature

Night View Swimming Pool

4th May 2020

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