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Adding water features to your pool, or backyard, can improve your mood and quality of life. When appealing to more senses, your brain enters into a state of euphoria. This idea is very similar to watching a funny movie: you laugh, you smile, and endorphins are released in your brain that make you happier. The more senses that are interconnected at once, the more endorphins that will be released in your brain. You will be left more satisfied, and more comfortable in your environment. The Japanese see this idea as Zen, or nature of the mind. But, we see it as a science. This science is real and it is called Synesthetic Design. 


Synesthetic Design

Product design, ergonomic design, and design innovation all fit within the category of Synesthetic Design. This idea has been studied since the beginning of time. The first human that lived on this earth needed tools to aquire food, and resources. The human would create the tools that best suited its body and its needs. For example, a hammer needs a handle because we have hands and thumbs, it also helps with torque and applying more force. That tool was designed to be more ergonomic for the human. Little did the human understand that the hammer ‘felt’ better in its hand. The reason for that specific design was more emotional than the human previously perceived. The human ‘enjoyed’ using that tool for that task more than any other tool it created.

“It is the aim of Synesthetic Design to coordinate all sensations stimulated by a object in a manner that results in a pleasant, harmonious overall appearance while coinciding with particular function(s) and desires.”


Water Features

Freeform Pool With Water Feature

Spa With Scuppers

We look at pools from a functional standpoint and also an emotional standpoint. We try to emphasize the enjoyment, of a functional product. So let’s do a breakdown of a pool’s functional and sensual properties:

The basic function of a pool is to allow a human to swim in it. We could easily build you a concrete box, fill it with water and call it a day. But, we realize that humans have more senses that need to be satisfied. Once the basic desired function is satisfied, we go further to appease all other senses that we can. Touch has been satisfied with clean swimming water, but further enhanced with running water you can travel underneath or through. Sight is not satisfied with just a concrete block, so we design the pool to be visually appealing in addition to its primary function. Landscaping and lighting really bring out some key visual elements as well. Smell can be satisfied with proper landscaping, such as flowers or herbs planted into your landscape. Sound, has been satisfied with running water, but can be further emphasized with jets, streams, bubbles, music, etc. Taste is the last sense that we may not have control over, but can definitely be satisfied with a pleasant meal and drink, enjoyed next to all these other features we supplied for you!

Water, and landscape features are fully customizable to suite your senses the way you like. Every human is different, that is why we try to accommodate to each individuals preferences.



Haverkamp, Michael. Synesthetic Design: Handbook for a Multisensory Approach. Birkhäuser, 2013.



1st May 2020

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