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Smaller Pool Options For A Small Yard

Have a small yard, but still want to take a refreshing dip after a long day of work? Well, we have you covered. Just because your yard is small, does not mean you can’t enjoy one of our pools. We offer a few options to accommodate the size of your yard.

Smaller Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools have many options of sizes and designs, that may fit your yard perfectly. You can pick the size and shape you like, that best suites your yard and your needs, and we will install it to your liking. We can bring the rest of the yard to life with landscaping, lighting, a patio, and more!


Concrete Plunge Pools

Luxury Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool And Spa

Deep Pool

Plunge Pools


The benefit of a concrete plunge pool, is that it is fully customizable. Let’s say you have a small yard, but it is also oddly shaped, and slightly inclined. Well, we can work with that! A concrete pool can be designed to fit almost any shape and size, and even include water features such as  waterfalls and spray jets. We can create a pool design, and shape a landscape, to give you the best outdoor experience possible.


Swim Tubs


A swim tub is about 8 feet wide, and 14 feet long. It can fit in almost any space in any yard, but it is large enough to swim in. Some swim tubs come with jets you can swim against for a great workout. Most  have a spa side with massaging jets and seats, for a proper massage after your hard workout on the swim side.  You can also enjoy the warm water, and exercise all year round!


Benefits of a Small Pool

Overall, a smaller pool will save you money. Due to it’s size, it will be able to maintain warmer temperature’s easier. Less water, equals faster and prolonged heating. Construction will be quicker, and easier so you can enjoy your pool soon after realizing it. After construction your pool will require less maintenance, because of less chemicals, equipment, water, etc. The water’s chemistry will stay more stable for longer periods of time, because of the reduced amount of water. Which will ultimately save you money on chemicals such as chlorine. The addition of a UV sanitizer will give you instant protection against harmful waterborne pathogens. And, an added bonus to all this is that you may be able to use your pool all year round!


30th April 2020

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