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Swimming Pool Lighting For Ultimate Luxury

When it comes to luxury pool design, color can be easily overlooked. Where many pools are lined or plastered in various shades of blue, others are white or neutral in color, ensuring the water looks fresh, clean and clear. It’s important that you’re able to use and admire your luxury pool at various points throughout the day, even when the sun goes down. Whether you use your pool to relax, entertain guests, or host parties, consider adding some outdoor lighting to illuminate your outdoor space and create a breathtaking oasis for everyone to enjoy.

Lighting for every occasion

It’s important that you know exactly what the pool will be used for before having lighting installed. This is because it must be appropriate for the activities you’ll be undertaking.

Where should pool lighting be installed?

Exercise lap pools – small profile LED fixtures below the water can be run in a soft blue or green color, so as not to cause glare which could distract swimmers.

Quietly entertaining guests – install landscape lighting around the pool area to create a soft, relaxing atmosphere. LED lighting in the pool gives a soft glow to the water without blinding your guests.

Hosting pool parties – make an impact by installing lighting both above and below the water surface. Color profiles can be used to pump up the party with themes for specific holidays or occasions.

Colors to consider

White/cool tones – an exercise lap pool would benefit highly from the installation of white or cool-toned lights. When fitted just below the water’s surface, the pool is gently illuminated to ensure your pool can be fully utilized both day and night. It will also ensure swimmers can be clearly seen, should they come into any difficulty.

Mix colors together

– if hosting pool parties is something you do on a regular basis, impress your guests with a variety of different color options. Choosing tones that complement each other has the potential to electrify a regular party atmosphere, ensuring you give your guests a night to remember. Orange and red, green and blue, or pink and purple shades seamlessly combine to create an invigorating utopia.

Warm shades – colors that are slightly warmer in tone are perfect for relaxing or hosting dinner parties by the pool. Deep purple or an exotic emerald green will add a calm, soothing element to your outdoor space, easing your guests into a tranquil haven, inviting them to sit back and enjoy a light beverage while the sun sets on another beautiful day in paradise.

Pool lighting and color psychology

Color is often argued to be a powerful tool for communication. Colors can indirectly affect our thoughts and feelings without us even realizing it. Therefore, the colors you choose for your pool lighting can be of significant visual importance. Here are some of the thoughts and feelings certain colors can evoke when we come into contact with them:

White – cleanliness, style, sophistication, peace
Red – love, excitement, warmth, comfort
Blue – calm, serenity, security, tranquility
Green – natural, health, optimistic
Yellow – energetic, attention-grabbing, happiness
Purple – exotic, soothing, mysterious
Pink – feminine, soft, compassionate, joyful, euphoric

Safety should always come first

It’s important that pool lighting is installed in the most effective, appropriate places to ensure your pool is well illuminated, especially when the sun begins to set. Swimmers should be seen at all times for their own safety, which is why specialist should design the lighting in your luxury pool.

Pool lighting will also add illumination to your backyard as a whole, enabling them to safely navigate their way around the pool as the light diminishes. This will help to stop injuries and prevent anyone from accidentally falling into your pool.

Of course, our experts here at Creative Master Pools are highly trained and fully qualified to install lighting either above with landscape lighting or below the pool water surface. This is done with absolute skill and precision, as well as through meticulous planning to ensure you’re always safe when utilizing your luxury pool.

Maintenance is essential

Once your pool lighting has been installed, it’s fundamental that they’re looked after and well-maintained all year round. Low voltage LED lights require infrequent bulb changes and do not heat up like previous generations of halogen pool lights.

When carrying out maintenance on your lights, there are a few things you should check:

The quality of the fixtures – inexpensive plastic fittings can be replaced by stainless steel fixtures, a more long-term version of pool lighting. Hard-wearing, durable materials are best when it comes to illuminating your pool. Quality cast brass or stainless steel would be ideal. If any fixtures are showing signs of wear, have them replaced as soon as possible.

Appropriate wiring – you should not attempt to check or carry work on this yourself. Instead, call a professional if you notice the following signs:

  • Exposed wires
  • Fixtures or wiring are submerged in water
  • Flickering lights
  • Strange electrical noises

All wiring should be installed next to water in conduit. Conduit systems will have an extra layer of durability and safety. They’re also easy for a pool lighting professional to replace, so you can rest assured your system will be up and running again as soon as possible.

Transformers are properly grounded – all transformers should be grounded as per manufacturer recommendations and safety codes. Only pool rated transformers should be used, adhering to all installation rules and regulations to ensure everyone’s safety. You’ll always be in safe and secure hands when we install your pool lighting. Our specialists are proud to follow all governing codes and manufacturer’s requirements to ensure our clients are safe while enjoying their luxury pool.

Fixtures are away from the water’s edge – if a swimmer touches an exposed light fitting below the water’s edge, they could be seriously hurt. If fixtures are exposed to pool water over a long period of time, the material will begin to rust and corrode. When this happens, you should have them replaced as soon as possible by a pool lighting expert. Creative Master Pools are happy to help.

Creative Master Pools is a family-owned swimming pool construction and service company, based in northern New Jersey. We’re proud to offer clients custom concrete pools that have been innovatively designed by our specialist team for over 30 years. If you would like more information about pool lighting, other aspects of your luxury pool design, or help and advice regarding the installation and maintenance of your pool, get in touch with us today. We’re always on hand to help you achieve your dream outdoor space.

4th December 2019

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