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Using Music to Create a Luxury Pool

Having your own luxury pool designed means you can tailor it to your precise needs, and two things people often seek from their pools are wellness and comfort. Beyond the stunning vistas you can achieve with a great pool design, how else can you create a luxury space for you, your family and your friends to unwind?

Why not combine your passion for music with your downtime? There are plenty of ways in which you can use music to enhance a luxury pool, here are some of our suggestions.

1 – Pool Parties

The most obvious way in which music can boost the feelgood factor for your pool is through a pool party. Whether you have the whole neighborhood over or just your closest friends, the music, food, and a cool dip in your crystal blue pool, it’s the ultimate combination for a good time. Special occasion or just a way to socialize? It’s always time for a pool party with the right playlist.
Spotify has a dedicated Pool Party playlist, making it easy to turn any pool gathering into a party to remember.

2 – Tranquil Atmosphere

The very essence of water is the soothing freedom of movement, so why not use your pool as an oasis of tranquility coupled with relaxing tracks. Long evenings spent soaking to songs can melt away the stress and give you the mental break you need. From your favorite mellow albums to soft, atmospheric instrumentals, no one can resist the gentle relief which a pool offers with the right sounds.

Unwind in peace with Spotify’s Yoga & Meditation playlist when you next need your own space.

3 – Music Motivation

Are you using your swimming pool to get into shape? Music can help to play a part in your healthy routine. Pulsating beats and songs which champion your Olympian efforts can help to keep your motivation levels up as you burn through the lengths. It’s also a great way to break the silence as you strive for perfection in your fitness regime, turning what might be a monotonous chore into something you actually look forward to.

Keep your energy levels at maximum with Spotify’s official Workout mix, filled with uplifting pop.

4 – Podcasts & Streaming

While there’s a track out there for everyone, it might not be music that makes the perfect pairing to your downtime by the pool. If you’re seeking something to zone out to or something to grip you, podcasts are the way to go. There’s plenty of topics available on a variety of streaming platforms, including true crime, sports, and educational series.

If you want to be entertained while you enjoy the luxury of your pool, why not dive into the How Did This Get Made? show, a comedy podcast about terrible movies made by Hollywood over the years.

How lighting can add to the atmosphere

Go one step further and add the right lighting to your pool, matching either the mood or the beat of the music. At Creative Master Pools, we can help you choose pool lighting to suit your tastes and help you get the most out of your pool. Whether you intend to be the party host everyone envies or use your pool for relaxation, there’s always mood lighting to match any soundscape.

Creative Master Pools is a family-run swimming pool construction and service company that has been proud to build innovatively designed, custom concrete pools for over 30 years. For more information and inspiration when it comes to your swimming pool design, simply reach out to our team today. We’re always ready to help you achieve your dream design wherever you are in New Jersey, providing advice as well as the installation and maintenance of your swimming pool.

4th December 2019

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